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About Me

How it started...


As a young child, my heart was over flowed with love whenever I was able to create. I craved it in every form. From a young age, I was introduced to different mediums and types of art, but didn’t fall in love with painting until high school.


I remember learning about the famous artists Van Gogh and Monet in my art classes and being overcome with the insatiable desire to learn how to paint just like them. They brought the canvas to life and at that point, I had no other dream than to do the same. I had an incredible teacher that showed me the ins and outs of acrylic painting. It all started with the design of a simple eye and transformed into something more incredible. This was the moment that I gained the confidence to start practicing on my own. From there, I couldn’t put down the paintbrush. 


Why waves…


After a short time exploring painting, I began to work with vortex shapes and the fluidity of movement in a 2D form. I focused on making the canvas look alive and capturing 3D images with the tools I had. But, how do I capture the movement of something as fluid as a wave inside of a painting?


I have always been drawn to the calmness of the ocean, the vibrancy of the colors, and the vastness of its entirety. The barrel of the wave intrigued me as it lifted, formed perfectly, and crashed down all to blend right back into the big blue. And the idea of every coastline around the world being familiar with this vortex truly made my soul happy. 


The process...


Through each custom piece of artwork I strive to create - movement, fluidity, and balance.


As the ocean is nature in its greatest form, I use wood panels as my substrate to include the natural beauty of the wood grain into my paintings. This allows for the perfect amount of texture taking the basics of this art to the next level. From there, acrylic paint is my first coat. To seal the media and keep it looking perfect forever, a layer of resin and acrylic is carefully applied to create a clear 3D effect. This top layer shows reflections between the layers of paint and acrylic that changes as you pass by the artwork. I then apply more resin and different foraged elements that I carefully curate for each design to create a high surface texture, similar to that of the wave. These pieces could be sand, crushed shells, sea glass, and even rocks that are carefully selected to take your custom piece of artwork to the next level.


You will feel submerged and connected to the painting with natural elements that connect the piece back to mother nature. 


The contribution…


A portion of every sale I make is and will continue to be donated to nonprofits, local and worldwide that help clean the ocean. My hope is that we can work hard to maintain the beauty and essence of the sea for generations to come.


Your own piece of Ocean…


From the ocean to your home, think of my artwork as your own piece of mother nature. 


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